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Happy Parents

”Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Michelle!! Thanks to her expertise, guidance, support - our whole family now is able to sleep great at night!!! My 5 month old son would fall asleep with the help of rocking in his bassinet - only to wake up 30-50 minutes later and for us to start the rocking all over again. Nighttime wakings got to a ridiculous amount of about 5-9 times per night and that’s when I contacted Michelle as I felt my baby was ready to learn to fall asleep on his own - but I did not have the necessary tools to do it on my own! Michelle was just so knowledgeable, so supportive!!! Yes parents have to do the whole job - Michelle or anyone else will not do it for you - but if you stick to plan and do everything as she tells you to - I promise your baby will sleep through the night!! My son is a different happier little human these days and I cannot be for grateful to Michelle for working with us!!!! Thank you!!! You are a miracle worker!!!!”
Iluila, (5 mo old) Henderson NV

”I feel a million times better gerting good deep uninterrupted sleep every night since working with Michelle. It is a game changer! More importantly my Son is a much better citizen of this house, less tantrums and bad days. It really changed my life, being the primary caregiver, and not getting sleep was brutal. I felt like a hot mess every single day. Not to mention always feeling like I was sick. Now I have the energy to get wgat U need to get done, and handle the not so good days a little easier! We really appreciate it! Life changing!”
Erin (10 mo old) Las Vegas, NV

”I love this program.  I was a little nervous about the price but my son was up so often in the night and no one could get any sleep.  My wife was a mess because she was the one constantly getting up, so we decided to go for it.  Michelle completely fixed the problem.  Now my son goes to bed at 7pm every night and doesn’t wake up until 6:30-7am.   Knowing what I know now, I would have paid double!”....Happy Dad,  
Jeff  R.  Las Vegas, NV

“First off I'm a dad, and due to our schedules my shift is the "night" shift with the baby. We had a lot of problems with our son sleeping through the night. We couldn't put him down or he would scream, and as first time parents that broke our heart, so naturally we'd pick him up and pretty soon started co-sleeping, because "heck" it was way easier and I was right there and I "felt" like I got more sleep that way...... at first... "oh, well put him in his own bed next week" or "were so busy it's hard to get him in on a schedule". Pretty soon though we realized cosleeping wasn’t working, he would thrash all night and be up every hour and it started to really get tough on us. And this is where Michelle came in.

We realized we needed help and that we weren’t doing the right things. We knew kinda what we "should do" but didn't know really "how to". Michelle showed us how we were kinda a big part of the problem. At least in our situation. She showed us how to transition our son to sleeping in his own bed all night and get the rest he needs that he wasn't getting sleeping with dad.

The thing about Michelle is she cares.. a lot. She truly wants the best for your child and is willing to be hard on you to get it! Even if you are not having significant sleep issues with your child she'll share tips, tricks, and techniques to help maximize your child's sleep and ultimately their health. She has 100% our recommendation and thanks!"
Calin B.  Missoula, MT

"I was apprehensive about the price, but after using Michelle's program I believe it's worth every penny! My wife has her sanity back, and our son goes to sleep easily now, at bedtime and naps. My wife and I get time together in the evenings again. It is truly amazing what a little sleep can do!"
Chris D. Las Vegas, NV


“My son was a horrible sleeper from the start. I never thought he could go from sleeping in my bed, waking up every couple of hours, to sleeping in his crib from 7-7 and napping better too. The best thing is that my son doesn’t have anxiety around sleeping anymore, he loves it now! I love this program because I never felt like I abandoned him. I offered support and comfort while he learned to sleep independently. I wish I did it sooner!” – Jessica Las Vegas

"My husband and I called Michelle after we couldn't take it anymore. Our 5 month old was up every 1-2 hours. We both work and we were so sleep deprived. It was affecting our marriage, we kept snapping at each other. My son is now sleeping through the night! We are all happier, and I can see a difference in my son as well. Thank you Michelle!" - Elise Las Vegas