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My Method

The Sleep Plan

I use the Sleep Plan which has been helping parents get their children sleeping for over 13 years.  It has helped over 50,000 kids go to sleep independently and sleep through the night.  We do not want the child to feel abandoned so we DO NOT use “cry it out” but we also can’t pick up the baby 400 times. I will create an in-depth, personalized plan for your child and we will work together to make sure your baby/child starts sleeping. I will then give you follow up support. I will basically be holding your hand through the process. Think of me as your personal trainer, but for sleep!  I will explain the plan in depth. I will not only tell you what we are going to do, but explain the science of why it is important. I will be with you through the ups and downs, answer all your questions, and hold you accountable. You can buy a book on sleep training, but there is no customization. We can change things if they are not working and we can adjust to make sure this program is the LAST one you ever need.  With my help we will get your children sleeping independently through the night.  Get your evenings back, get your sleep back!

This is a 2-3 week program, but most children are sleeping through the night by night 3!

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The Truth On Crying

Unfortunately babies cry. Babies cry when they need something, when they are hungry, uncomfortable, scared, or just mad. Crying doesn’t always mean I am sad like it does for adults. Babies have one way to communicate and that is through crying. My program is NOT the cry it out method, but there will be some crying because we are going to change the way they go to sleep and they are going to protest that change. I will NEVER ask you to leave your baby all alone and to ignore their cries.

Let’s look at it this way, we are going to change our baby's’ routine and how he/she navigates the sleep journey. People in general do NOT like change, babies and toddlers are no different. If I changed your routines and how you get to sleep you would most likely be pretty angry. If I take your pillow, turn on the light, changed the temperature of the house and then told you to go to sleep, you would probably be pretty mad. You might even cry.

That is essentially what we need to do with your child. We have to change the way he/she knows how to go to sleep. They are going to be angry about it at first, so they probably are going to cry. They aren’t going to be sad, hungry, or scared. You are going to sit next to them so they are not going to feel abandoned. They are just mad, you are changing things and they don’t like it. But it won’t last long. Night one is usually the hardest and then it gets much easier from there. Usually by night 3 there are very few tears, and then by the end of 2 weeks they will be sleeping through the night!